Frequently Asked Questions

Below we provide a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the SpaceController. If you have further questions please contact our support staff by E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone: +30 210 6647131.

- I connected the SpaceController but I cannot see any movement in my application.

The SpaceController is working if the driver software is installed and running. Most applications require an additional plug-in which you can find on our Support/Download section of website.

- Why doesn't the SpaceController work in Google Earth?

Open the menu Tools and Options. Go to the Tab Navigation and make sure that the checkbox Controller activated is selected.

- When I start the driver I receive an error message "A driver is running already..."

If you have a 3D controller connected from another manufacturer its driver must not be running. Stop it and restart the SpaceController driver.

- The driver is running but the cube demo is not working.

In rare cases it is possible that the device needs to be reconnected to the USB port right after the driver installation. You do not have to restart the driver for this. Clicking on the 'Defaults' button in the SpaceController software could also solve this problem.

- The demos of the SpaceController are running but I have no object movement in my CAD application.

Several applications that we support require a plug-in. You can find our plugins on Support/Download section of website.

- The objects in my application are moving although I do not touch the cap.

This is possible, if you had your hand on the 3D mouse by accident while you were starting the driver. Release the cap and click the 'Zero' button in the SpaceController software.

- Objects in my applications are jittering.

Check the settings for 'Threshold' in the Basic Settings of the SpaceController software. This behaviour can be caused by voltage fluctuation at the USB Port. Change the settings to the lowest value possible without the objects jittering.

- My Threshold is too big, but when I lower it, objects start to jitter again.

Open the SpaceController Software and select 'Advanced Settings' and 'Further Settings'. This window allows you to increase the 'Cap Data Averaging' value. Like this, several values are averaged and random fluctuation is balanced.

- I receive an error message: 'Setting parameters failed.'

This problem can be caused by bad USB connections. Please connect your SpaceController directly to the PC and do not use an USB hub.

- I cannot move my objects after I changed the foreground application.

Open 'Advanced Settings' in the SpaceController software and activate 'Show Further Settings'. We have seen this problem especially when using USB hubs. it is possible that the 'Send Delay' is set to more than 400ms. That means that no more data is sent from the device. Please set it back to around 30ms. Another way to do this would be to click the 'Defaults' button in the main window. Be cautious: This will set all values back to their defaults, not just the Send Delay.

- The help file opens at the first line, not at the line it was meant to be opened.

This is a known bug in the Internet Explorer which is still not fixed in version 8. You could use another web browser instead. Firefox is known to be working. If you do not want to use your standard browser you can set it manually in the SpaceController software. Just go to 'File/Preferences' and select the path to the browser which you would like to use to view the manual.

- The 3D Mouse does work in the demos, but not in Autodesk Inventor.

Some versions of Autodesk Inventor need administrative rights to be started. The SpaceController needs to be started with administrative rights as well in that case to allow him access to Autodesk Inventor.

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