The PowerWheel, our silver wheel below the cap or ball is unique in the range of 3D mice.

It allows easy adjustment of the most important device settings with a single movement and is also used for navigation through the user menu while being in menu mode.

The PowerWheel functions can be assigned to almost any function. A popular function is the mouse wheel that allows you to scroll inside application windows.



With the WheelCommander the wheel's functionality can be considerably extended. Up to 28 arbitrary functions (device functions, user functions and/or application functions) can be triggered comfortably with the wheel this way.

Thanks to the WheelCommander the functions can be triggered very comfortably now in a single operation: Move the wheel (WheelCommander appears), move the wheel further (choose the desired function), await the autotrigger delay time (function is triggered), WheelCommander closes, ready.


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3D Mouse SpaceController awarded «Best of Show»

The 3D Mouse SpaceController was awarded ‚Best of Show Hardware‘ at this year’s PLM World in Dallas, TX.

The perfected concept of three dimensional object motion control, including the unique WheelCommander once again conviced the jury as well as the visitors.

3D Mouse SpaceController

3D Mouse

SpaceController with Cap or Ball


Functional Principle

Unique! PowerWheel

The silver wheel below the cap is unique in the range of 3D mice. It allows you to access your favorite functions quickly.



Cap or Ball

Do you prefer to work with a 3D mouse with a cap? 
Or do you prefer a ball to navigate through 3D space? With us you are able to choose your favourite navigation device, since the SpaceController is available in two versions: with cap and ball.

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3D Mouse SpaceController.



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Design and Ergonomics

The ergonomic design reflects the natural movement of the hand and ensures easy access to the most important keys and the PowerWheel.

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